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Trend Alert: How To Incorporate Graphic Patterns Into Your Home

Written By: Jaymi Naciri
Tuesday, February 9, 2016

When chevron patterns became all the rage a few years back, it looked like the trend that showed up on everything from textiles to tile backsplashes to flooring designs might be a standalone. But graphic patterns are hotter than ever, with an ever-evolving array of shapes showing up to jazz up your home.

"If you are looking for ways to enliven your home, adding graphic designs can help," said Livinator. "Geometric patterns and abstract designs bring an energetic vibe to a space. You can achieve a mixed pattern design by including several different patterns in varying scales and colors or by using the same pattern throughout in the same variety. The key to getting graphic with your interiors is to experiment with what you love."

Heres where - and how - to incorporate this trend into your home.


The backsplash is a great place to use graphic tiles to provide contrast, interest, or give a kitchen a lift. This departure from the seen-everywhere subway tile makes a kitchen feel unique and custom. If you really want to be on trend, go 3D.

"Though decorative backsplashes have been popular for quite some time, the new trend popping up will be geometric three dimensional patterns," said interior designer Shai DeLuca-Tamasi on Amara. "These will most likely be seen with cement and wood. The kitchen is a perfect room for geometric tiles. My design tip would be to let the movement in the tile be the star of the show. Consider using a neutral palette when using 3D tiles so as not to pull the eye away from the true feature."



Wall treatments are one of the most impactful ways to add "a graphic touch" to your home. Patterned walls can create the kind of design layers that make a room feel complete.

"Wallpaper, murals, and even wood panels layered in interesting patterns can give walls dimension and interest. A modern graphic color block wallpaper can spruce up a drab interior," said Livinator. "Bold shapes work great in small spaces such as a powder room. Repeat patterns throughout a room to create balance. Wood panels placed on the diagonal inject interesting dimension."



Graphic patterns are showing up on rugs - an obvious choice to ground a space and give it a bit of oomph without making the effort to hang wallpaper or buy an expensive piece of furniture.


But rugs arent your only options for graphic floors.

"Thanks to the allure of indoor/outdoor living, colorful concrete tilescontinue to move from commercial to home spaces," said Los Angeles designer David John Dick on the Wall Street Journal. "Its a perfect combination of graphic design and interior design."

Granada Tile


A graphic-patterned upholstered piece can become a focal point in a room, like in the case of this custom banquette.



Swap out your boring drapes and replace them with a graphic pattern. Theyll add interest to the space, especially if you bring in a fresh pop of color. These drapes help complete a mid-century look in a stylized living room.

Midcentury Living Room by New York Interior Designers amp; Decorators Amy Lau Design


Why stop at one graphic pattern? Dont be afraid to mix and match, layering patterns on top of each other.



If you dont want to make a big investment - in time or money - a few accessories can punch up your space and freshen up the look. These new pillows from Hamp;M bring in the trendsetting look at a minimal expense.


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